The Promise Remains

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Who is He that the angels of heavens sing his name?

All of creation utters the same. 
His word surrounds me everywhere I go; 
Redeemed by His blood, onward I sow. 

Standing on the word, 
clinging steadfast by His grace.
Holding onto promises, 
after Jesus took my place 

Greater love has no one than this, 
that he lay down His life for His friends. 
A story with no end, yet ever after we’ll be; 
Living with Him eternally free.

A promise remains,
“I will never leave thee.” 
A word is spoken; 
All sin is gone.

I pray Lord help me stand,
let my heart be like the man,
that loved the world enough to say, 
“Let thy will be done.” 

For the love of a savior is eternal;
Just a little while longer to wait. 
Just keep faith moving forward, 
in this dispensation of Grace 

We’ll be singing the song of the redeemed, 
as we march past the pearly gates. 
Onto eternity we’ll go forever in his presence; 
Singing songs of praise. 

A promise remains, 
“I will never leave thee.” 
A word is spoken; 
All sin is gone.

For the love of this dying land, 
it’s all that my heart desires. 
Father take this cup from me; 
If thou be willing, but let it be, 
thy will not mine. 

And the promise remains 

© Amanda Batten 2009


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