• Devotionals

    Case Of The Widow

    On a recent trip to Africa in 2013, I had the amazing opportunity to interview twenty eight beautiful widows, who eagerly shared their stories with me. They had gone through much tragedy in their lives; however, they showed me how beauty can arise from the ashes, and how they regained a hope for their future and their children’s future. Their stories include pictures, their favorite scriptures, and a powerful message. This book is available in eBook format on Amazon Kindle. You may also purchase the print version at Lulu.com.

  • Poetry

    Jesus Is Alive

    Daughters of Jerusalem don’t weep for me. Tell the world, this moment you are free. Sweet hour of mercy, sweet hour of prayer; Look forever into eternity I will be there. Jesus is alive and risen forever more, from the old rugged cross past Calvary’s endless shores. A conqueror of death, from Glory He came; Alive forevermore, praise His holy name. In the sixth hour came the darkness, til nine as the setting sun; The temple curtain is torn, Father into your hands I come. Broken is the curse, the tombstone rolled away. A sinners heart now open, forever enter in today. Jesus is alive and risen forever more,…