‘Persecution’: Christian leader decries Trudeau ban on summer job grants for pro-lifers

This article was shared with me earlier in the week, and I was extremely appalled. This country is about religious freedoms? Then why are we as Christians being forced to renounce our beliefs. It seems the anti-Christ is on the scene more and more. Stand up for what you believe! The church has stayed quiet for long enough.

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, January 17, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Christians and other faith-based groups are suffering “persecution” under Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government by being required to confirm their support for abortion in order to receive summer job funds for students, a Chaldean Catholic priest said. CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE ON LIFESITENEWS.

PETITION: Trudeau bans funding for groups that oppose abortion. Tell him NO! Click here to sign the petition now.





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