• Poetry


    Whispering wind upon the sea Whisper sweet nothings unto me A rolling thunder of the coast A sound of beauty, full of boast Crashing waves and cliffs of art Flow into the streams of my heart Fly o’er head into a blue bowled sky Sing songs until the fire that shines Tidal waves and mountains that roar Birds that sing and eagles that soar The brave world serenades the moon As creatures make for early June Suddenly the light of rebirth prowls upon the soil of the earth Rise up sweet miracles Be born Security surpassed the storm Advertisements

  • Poetry

    Jesus Is Alive

    Daughters of Jerusalem don’t weep for me. Tell the world, this moment you are free. Sweet hour of mercy, sweet hour of prayer; Look forever into eternity I will be there.   Jesus is alive and risen forever more, from the old rugged cross past Calvary’s endless shores. A conqueror of death, from Glory He came; Alive forevermore, praise His holy name.   In the sixth hour came the darkness, til nine as the setting sun; The temple curtain is torn, Father into your hands I come. Broken is the curse, the tombstone rolled away. A sinners heart now open, forever enter in today.   Jesus is alive and risen forever more,…

  • Poetry

    This Ship

    This ship does journey the mighty seas. By Faith these sail’s will ever rise.  Tattered and worn, yet anchored in thee;  By Grace til the sea marry the skies.  Transparent to the crashing waves nigh;  Homeward bound for the Son hath lit the way.  Praises we do sing unto the blue bowled skies;  Til the wretched night turns to solemn day.  A Lighthouse in the distance, nearer and nearer still,  it’s rays soar brightly cross the skies.  The storm and the tempest sweep o’er the mill;  Pray not by strength or might but by your will.  This ship it Graces the dancing waves;  Crashing in flight, seasons pass by.  Rising and…