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    Without Vision

    “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” – Proverbs 29:18 Abib stands for Early Spring. In the Hebrew lunar calendar, around March or April, was when the Israelites were led out of Egypt into a blooming new land full of milk and honey.  (Exodus 13:4-5)  It was a good time to travel. Spring is significant of new life, and new beginnings.  It gives us something to look forward to when the winter of life becomes treacherous and never ending.  We all look forward to ground hog day, hoping for a sign that spring is near.  We all need a vision, a hope for a…

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    Small Beginnings

    “Who dares despise the day of small things, since the seven eyes of the LORD that range throughout the earth will rejoice when they see the chosen capstone in the hand of Zerubbabel?”  – Zechariah 4:10 A journey of a thousand miles can start with a single step.  A year starts with a day. A life starts with a birth.  A relationship starts with a simple hello.  A walk with God starts with a single decision; a step of faith.  God has already given you favor today, so if He has chosen you for a certain task, or given you a promise, walk into it with confidence. (Psalm 90:17)  “The…

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    To new beginnings

    “Live a life of inspiration, and of passion.  Anything else is eating away at time, and dying a slow painful death, rather than living.  Toiling and laboring for nothing but bread and futility.  Man cannot live on bread alone.  There is a purpose, a time and a season, and a God that oversees it all.”  – Amanda Batten “Make each day a masterpiece, we do not remember the days, we remember moments.”  Laughing with family and friends until it hurts, odd moments that are perfect because they are not, and will live forever in stories.  We may already be into the New Year, but it’s never too late for new…